Food for the Soul: Menu 3


Indecent is the perfect play for our Food for the Soul. It is a prime example of how art springs from and feeds our collective soul.

We are thrilled that the Blue Barn Theater will produce the Tony Award winning play Indecent in March 2019. In it playwright Paula Vogel chronicles the turbulent history of the play God of Vengeance written by Sholom Asch in 1905. Asch brought his successful and controversial play from Europe to New York in the 1920’s. There it encountered opposition from the Jewish community fearful of provoking an already rising anti-Semitism. Conservative leaning groups joined in condemning the play. This led to the 1923 indictment of its cast for what the courts called “an indecent, immoral and impure theatrical performance.”

Playwright Paula Vogel fell in love with Asch’s provocative play about the lesbian relationship of two young women while a student in college. In 2005 she began writing a new play that vividly portrays the dramatic history of the old play. It eventually became her first play to reach Broadway. Nine actors brilliantly assume multiple roles shifting back and forth between Asch’s and Vogel’s characters.

Another element makes this work uniquely pleasing. Conceived in the style of the Yiddish Theater, the dialogue of Indecent comes to life in an atmosphere rich with musical phrases of violin, accordion and mandolin. Vogel reveals her process in an interview for the Vineyard Theater saying “everything I write starts with music.” Confronting the issues of religious hypocrisy and societal judgment she seamlessly weaves together words and music into a work that spans forty years of history and two world wars.  Indecent uplifts and inspires.

Great Performances calls Indecent a play “about the love and passion to create theater” that “conveys the message of love and tolerance.” For our 1st course we will look at the intricacies of this most musical of plays. The Blue Barn’s own Producing Artistic Director, Susan Clement Toberer will share her insights for the 2nd course and prepare us for the performance at the Blue Barn on March 28, our final course. 


1st Course: Menu 3 – Discover with Hal France: Paula Vogel’s Indecent

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 • 6:00 – 8:00pm • Omaha Conservatory of Music | 7023 Cass Street, Omaha NE 68132

2nd Course: Menu 3 – Interview with Producing Artistic Director of Blue Barn Theater, Susan Clement Toberer

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 • 12:00pm • Omaha Conservatory of Music | 7023 Cass Street, Omaha NE 68132

3rd Course: Menu 3 – Experience: Blue Barn Theater, Paula Vogel’s Indecent Director, Susan Clement Toberer

Thursday, March 28, 2019 • 7:30pm • Blue Barn Theater | 1106 S 10th Street, Omaha NE 68108

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