PHOTOS: Hal France - A Celebration of Leonard Bernstein

February 21, 2018

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see Hal France in A Celebration of Leonard Bernstein! Christopher O’Reilly’s From The Top podcasts on NPR brings the talents and personalities of young aspiring musicians to the world. OCM’s Inside the Mind of the Artist Series joined the centenary celebration in its own From The Top presentation on Saturday, February 17 at 10:30 am in its Accelerando Café, featuring voice student Maddie Smith (Studio of Cody Jorgensen), piano student Alina Hatfield (Studio of Anne Madison), and cello student Alexander Smith (Studio of Tim Strang). We hope you enjoyed it, were inspired, and learned something new!

Thank you again to our Inside the Mind of the Artist series sponsor - Omaha Steaks!

Student Alexander Smith (Studio of Tim Strang) performs as a part of the event.

Student Maddie Smith (Studio of Cody Jorgensen) performs as a part of the program. 

Student Alina Hatfield (Studio of Anne Madison) performs during the event. 

Host Hal France asks each student performer questions specific to their performance and area of study. 

Another big thank you to Maestro Hal France and these talented OCM students for participating in this Inside the Mind of the Artist event! Want to see more events like Hal France's Inside the Mind of the Artist educational performance? Help us keep Inside the Mind of the Artist a free program by donating today! Thank you! 

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