Scholarships & Financial Aid

Omaha Conservatory of Music is grateful to a number of generous donors who have provided funding for Financial Aid assistance.

Consistent attendance at lessons, classes or ensembles is required for students receiving financial aid. The Conservatory reserves the right to discharge students who miss more than 5 lessons per Academic Year. Should a medical issue arise, a doctor's note may be provided for consideration.

The Conservatory also reserves the right to suspend or discontinue instruction of any student who is delinquent in fulfilling his/her financial obligations not covered by financial aid at any time during the semester.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is awarded on a rolling basis as funds are available, and applications are reviewed throughout the year. Applications will be evaluated and students notified of results when process is completed. 

Please note:

Families must submit one financial aid application per child.

Also, this form requires two documents be uploaded: 

  1. A PDF of your most recent federal tax return 
  2. A brief need-based statement written by the parent or guardian of the student explaining the need for financial assistance. 

Ambassador funds

Our exceptional Omaha Conservatory of Music (OCM) students often audition to participate in prestigious national and regional music camps, competitions, and workshops, such as Interlochen, Heifetz PEG, Sound Encounters, Encore, Texas Strings Camp, as well as our own Omaha Conservatory of Music Institute. These immersive experiences offer the highest quality musical training and facilitate valuable connections with internationally-recognized artists. These additional opportunities are also integral to supporting the future careers of our most talented students. The Ambassador Fund also fosters relationships with OCM Artist-Faculty and other excellent artists and programs throughout the country. If you are seeking aid for attending a summer camp experience like OCMI - please apply below!

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Merit Scholarships are awarded once per academic year, and are based upon the student’s demonstrated proficiency, disciplined music study habits, and commitment to excellence.

To be considered, please complete our Merit Scholarship application form by May 18

Please note: 

Students applying for Merit Scholarships may also fill out our Financial Aid Application Form as some scholarships require that students demonstrate financial need. Not filling out the Conservatory's Financial Aid Application Form could disqualify applicants from some awards.

Also, this form requires you submit a YouTube link to your video audition:

  1. Record a video (3-5 minutes in length) of a performance of a piece from memory. (NOTE: Recitals provide an ideal opportunity to obtain this recording.)
  2. Upload the video to YouTube, and label with the name of the piece, movement, composer, and student name.
  3. Mark the video as “Unlisted." 

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Named scholarships play a vital role in young people’s lives by helping those with promise and demonstrated commitment to secure the learning resources they need to achieve their potential. 

Named scholarships not only support artistic and personal growth in talented young musicians; they also offer opportunities to make a personal statement about the importance of arts and education, and to confer recognition, honor, and special status on an individual or organization.

Available scholarships

  • Cosentino Scholarship
  • The Dr. David Jasper Scholarship
  • The Jasper Piano Scholarship
  • The Kohll Scholarship
  • The Anna Lundberg Memorial Scholarship
  • The Jonathan McDaniel Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ruth & Victor Roth Scholarship
  • The Myron H. Ross Scholarship
  • The Harley & Beth Schrager Scholarship
  • The Annette & Paul Smith Scholarship

Want to help? If you are interested in sponsoring a named scholarship, we invite you to visit our Named Scholarship FAQ page.