OCMI 2016 • Summer Institute (Archived)

JULY 16-23, 2016 • AGES 4-COLLEGE

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OCMI 2016 – What's your superpower?

OCMI is a week-long summer intensive camp taking place primarily at Omaha Conservatory of Music. We bring in world-class guest-artist musicians from across the country to create the most immersive, vibrantly creative, life-changing and fun experience possible. Any string players, pianists, guitarists, and vocalists who are ready to take their musicianship to the next level are welcome! 

NOTE: Students age 8 or younger need to be accompanied by a caregiver during OCMI. ]

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Apologies, but our formal registration period for OCMI 2016 has ended. If you still want to sign up, please call 402-932-4978 and ask for Jennifer Coots. Or email her directly at register@omahacm.org.

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OCMI 2016 Strings Program

OCMI 2016 Piano Program

OCMI 2016 Guitar Program

OCMI 2016 Voice Program

STEP 2 • Choose your program track

This year, in addition to specializing in one of four majors, you'll be placed on the program track designed for your playing level in order to ensure you have the best OCMI experience possible. In addition, you're encouraged to attend concerts each evening, even if you're not playing on them — watching others perform is a great way to learn, too! 


If you're a beginning-level string player, pianist, guitarist or vocalist, this Summer Institute half-day track is a perfect fit for you. Classes will run from 8:30am to noon with a schedule full of classes and private instruction to both inspire and help you hone your skills. NOTE: Students age 8 or younger need to be accompanied by a caregiver during OCMI. ]


Intermediate and advanced string players, pianists, guitarists and vocalists will want to sign up for this full-day Summer Institute track. Classes will run from 8:30am to 5:30pm each day for Fanfare and Festival (see below) with a schedule full of classes and private instruction to inspire you as you advance your skills.

Step 3 • Pick your elective

How does music connect to movement? How do our minds create and relate to sound? This class will tackle these questions and more with interactive exercises to enhance your musicality.

Work with an expert composer to learn the foundations of musical composition.

Advanced Composition class


If you would like to apply for our Advanced Composition class, you will need to compose a short piece (longer than one minute), orchestrated for more than one instrument. Submit an electronic copy of the sheet music to auditions@omahacm.org by June 30, and include the following:

  • In the subject line, please include "OCMI Advanced Composition Submission" and the name of the student composer.
  • In the body of the email, please include the name of the piece and the instrumentation.

Those selected to the Advanced Composition class will have their works performed at the Composers' Symposium at 11 a.m. Saturday, July 23 in OCM's Main Concert Hall.

* Those students who have been in this class at previous OCMIs will be automatically placed into Maria Newman's class again. 

As musicians, we are always using our bodies to produce beautiful music. Yoga can help us to relax overused muscles and strengthen inner focus.

A primer course in the guitar's tropical cousin! Students can bring their own ukes or purchase a $35 instrument from the Conservatory. 

(This class will perform in the RockOUT concert at 6:30pm Thursday, July 21 in OCM's Main Concert Hall.)

Ever wanted to learn how actors portray heart-stopping fights onstage? This class will show you the tricks of the trade — and how to stay safe in the process!

(This class will perform in the Spotlights concert at 6:30pm Friday, July 22 in OCM's Main Concert Hall.)

Groove in this unaccompanied singing group to strengthen your ear and improve vocal blend.



(This class will perform in the Spotlights concert at 6:30pm Friday, July 22 in OCM's Main Concert Hall.)

Winds & Brass join forces! If you play a band instrument in addition to your major's instrument, this is the place to bust it out!

Work on your technical and musical skills in a group setting, with the guidance of world-class piano faculty.

Auditioning is a part of almost every performing arts career. This class will help you calm nerves, choose repertoire, and land that gig!

"Professional Presentations: Auditions, Resumes, and Interviews" is an elective taught by Ruth Meints, executive director of the Omaha Conservatory of Music, covering professional musician preparedness, including mock auditions, resume creation, and interview techniques. (Only OCMI Festival Scholars will be enrolled in this elective.)

Extra master classes are great for if you have multiple instruments you want to study at OCMI, but you can also have two master classes in the same instrument.