FREE WORKSHOP: Conducting & Music Classroom Management

JULY 16-22 • Igniting Response Summer Workshop


A week-long intensive on classroom engagement and achieving results in a group setting. David Barg will lead participants through his newly published curriculum “Igniting Response.” Ignite Response approach was developed more than 30 years of practice and research and has been tested and proven with ensembles at all levels and in all environments.

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  • Discussion about how to rehearse various sections of the piece chosen for the Fanfare Orchestra at the Institute.
  • Specific, easy to follow, step by step tried and true recipes for getting your ensemble to produce results that you didn’t know were possible.
  • Emphasis on the following top priorities of veteran music teachers identified by experience (things they weren’t taught in their educational programs)
  • Engagement
  • Building engagement from the beginning of the rehearsal to the end
  • Keeping entire ensemble engaged when working with just one section
  • Highest Priority Orchestral Basics
  • Teaching them to watch + exercises for that
  • Teaching them to follow gestures
  • Making sure our gestures look like the music sounds
  • Getting them to mark their music without telling them
  • Getting them to play all the markings on the page
  • Getting them to take your tempo right away
  • No dragging, no rushing


  • How to identify and prioritize what to rehearse
  • Posture
  • Effective use of section leaders
  • Transferring responsibility
  • Making the last 8 minutes of the rehearsal the most productive part – instead of the least


SUN JUL 16  (afternoon)
  • Opening session/rehearsal
Mon Jul 17-Fri Jul 21  

(Participants are welcome to observe any classes throughout the week of Institute)

  • 1.25 hrs: Observation of Fanfare Orchestra rehearsal under the direction of David Barg
  • 1 hr: Class discussion of Igniting Response engagement techniques
  • 1hr: Practicum session where participants practice the techniques
Sat Jul 22
  • Full day of Institute concerts (Final performance of Institute Orchestras)


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