In Harmony: Stories from Childhood



Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 3:00 PM • Free! • SPONSORED BY DEBBI & SPEEDY ZWEIBACK

Captivate your inner child with this free family-friendly virtual concert! Featuring compositions inspired by and played alongside the narration of children's books, Stories From Childhood is a virtual concert connecting listeners of all ages through the power of imagination! Join us for this online world premiere concert, featuring new works by Dr. Stacey Barelos, Keith Davis, and Dryden Meints! This is the perfect opportunity to make memories and bond with a shared virtual concert experience for the whole family. Reinvigorate your connection to your loved ones by inviting grandparents and grandchildren to come together in this shared experience of online storytelling & music by hosting a virtual watch party:  

Make friends underwater with the ocean adventure of Big Al

Travel to Texas with Gordon the Goat

Soften your heart with Fluffy the Porcupine

Stop and smell the flowers with Ferdinand the Bull

Find out what is so unique about Agatha Louise, the Ugly Duckling

The concert will premiere on the Conservatory's youtube channel on October 11, 2020 at 3pm. We will publish the direct link to the concert on this webpage as well as on the facebook event page soon!

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Our mission at the Conservatory is to build musical community -- and in that spirit, we wanted to find a way for people to enjoy the Stories from Childhood virtual concert with their friends and family that they've been missing. Using the twoseven service, it’s just a few simple steps ’til you’ve got your own private watch party room ready for Stories from Childhood. 


Visit and click “Login” in the upper right corner.


Sign in with Gmail, Facebook, or create an account. (Gmail and Facebook are easiest/fastest!)


Once logged in, click the “Start Watching" button.


A new window will pop up, allowing you to create your own private room! Click “Just me," which will take you to your private viewing party.


Once the new page loads, click the “YOUTUBE” button at the top of the window.


Below the video that comes up by default there's a box that says 'YouTube URL' - just copy/paste the concert link, and hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard

And voilà! Your own watch party is set up and you're ready to go! To share the link with your buds, just copy/paste the URL at the top of the page and send it to whoever you'd like to join your watch party. You can turn your own webcams on and chat in real time, or use the "messages" function in twoseven. It's really up to you.

Two quick tips for the best watch party experience: limit the parties to 10 users, and use a pair of headphones to cut down on noise feedback.

Share your stories with us and those you love

Stories from Childhood is a great program to engage our community members who have been isolated during the pandemic. We encourage everyone to think of someone who is feeling isolated - grandparents, family members and friends - and invite them to watch the concert with you. This is a great way to do something that's really meaningful in our community right now, by reaching out and strengthening a bond with an important person in your life who may be in need of exactly that. These children's stories each have an important message and theme behind them - and we hope these prompts serve as a jumping-off point for your conversations with loved ones. We also hope that you share your own stories with us as well - in whatever form you feel comfortable - based on our story prompts:


    Have you ever just stopped and “smelled the flowers”, either literally or metaphorically?

Have you ever surprised someone because they thought you might say, act, or do something a certain way?  Talk about a time when you were stereotyped and how you remained true to yourself.  Alternatively, tell about a time when you may have assumed something about another person, and what happened when that stereotype was broken.




     How did you get your name?




     Bedtime stories are a special time for many families. Tell us about your family bedtime story traditions.



Splitting from the pack can be a good thing to do sometimes. Have you ever done something differently from the masses? Tell us about a time you did your own thing and had a good outcome. Have you ever made a decision too quickly,without thinking about it beforehand? What happened? Alternatively, can you tell about a time when you made a good choice because you thought about your actions first?



 Every family is a little bit different. Tell us a story about how your family is unique. Any special traditions or fun family activities? Tell us a story about a family member you love, or a special time with loved ones you remember. Any special traditions, or fun family activities you remember?




     When is a time you didn’t judge a book by it’s cover and what happened?