Music Rewind

Take your brains on a journey through time with Music Rewind, an online music history learning module spanning the whole academic year. Every student at the Conservatory can participate in online lessons and quizzes that are sent out weekly and are inspired by music from distant times and stories of the world’s greatest musicians who started off just like they did! Each semester culminates in a music carnival and performance by the Conservatory's Artist-Faculty in full period costume - tights and all! 



Music Rewind: Volume 2

Spring 2020: Exploring the Classical and Romantic eras of music history
What is the Music Rewind Online History Module?

This is a *free* online classroom for Conservatory students to participate and learn about music history with their peers throughout the academic year. There will be weekly postings of videos, short readings and other activities, as well as an opportunity to test your own musical knowledge of the past. At the end of the semester, we will have a big celebration of Music History featuring fun, games & prizes along with live performances of music representing our semester's journey. 

Who can participate in Music Rewind?

The Music Rewind Online History Module & celebration at the end of each semester is open to every student studying at Omaha Conservatory of Music - absolutely 100% free! Pretty neat right?

How to access the Music Rewind Online Classroom

To access the Music Rewind online history module, you will need to sign into our Easy Class classroom via the below access code.

Please note families with multiple students: You only need to create one account per family to participate. Just make sure to note which student is which when taking quizzes or tests in the provided name box at the top of the quiz. 

Music Rewind Classroom Code


The Fun Awaits! Click Here!


Saturday, May 9 

Music Rewind is the Conservatory's yearlong celebration of music history. Each semester culminates in a music festival and performance by Conservatory Artist-Faculty dressed in period clothing - tights and all! The spring semester explores the Classical and Romantic eras. This performance is free and open to the public!

For Conservatory students, we will be hosting a Flashback Fair starting at 9am with games & booths that will test their music history knowledge. All students can participate in the fair games and competitions at the Music Rewind event, but those who completed the Music Rewind online module may be more successful in the games.