OCMI 2016 • Voice Program

JULY 16-23, 2016 • AGES 4-COLLEGE

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All OCMI students will participate in both large and small ensembles specific to their majors in addition to Master Classes, Superheroes of Music History, and one elective of your choosing. Also...

FOUNDATIONS Voice students will participate in Superhero Tools & Gadgets and Rhythm Jam classes as well as Foundations Showcase. • $250 (+$25 registration fee)

FANFARE Voice students will participate in A Cappella Project. • $500 (+$25 registration fee)

Early Bird discount: Register before May 1 and get $25 off!

Sample schedules


For beginning voice students (Royal Conservatory Preparatory & Level 1-2) who can understand and demonstrate proper posture; are beginning to develop phrasing and proper breathing; are starting to read treble clef and basic rhythms; can sight-read a C major scale and stepwise melody; and can sing basic intervals. 

8:30am • Superhero Tools & Gadgets (Music Theory)
9am • Rhythm Jam
9:30am • Foundations Showcase
10:30am • BREAK
11am • Superheroes of Music History
11:30am-Noon • Master Class


Intermediate students (​Royal Conservatory Levels 3-4) can understand and demonstrate proper posture and breathing, and are beginning to develop an even scale; are proficient at reading treble clef and more complicated rhythms; can to sight-read major keys with basic interval skips and step; and can sing more complicated intervals. Advanced-level students (Royal Conservatory Level 5+) can understand and demonstrate even tone, proper resonation and support of sound; are proficient at reading treble and bass clef as well as complex rhythms; and can sight-read major and minor keys, with intervals, found in major and minor scales.

8:30am • Master Class (private lessons split between two other Fanfare students on your same instrument)
9:30am • Symphony (Advanced Orchestra)
10:30am • Villainous Monologues
11:30am • Practice Hour
12:30pm • LUNCH
1:15pm • A Cappella Project
2:15pm • Music History
3:15pm • Practice Hour / Extra Elective or Master Class
4:15pm • Elective: Movement, Metaphor, Modeling & Mimicry

OCMI 2016 voice artist-faculty

Tiffany Haas • Voice
Laurie Vanderpol • Theater
Emily Witte • Voice