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The Omaha Conservatory of Music builds musical community through education and performance. The Conservatory provides private and group lessons in the orchestral instruments, piano, guitar, voice, and composition, to over 350 musicians of all ages. Its faculty is eager and exceptionally well-prepared to prepare a new generation of musicians, music educators, and music lovers. This outstanding group of artist-educators encourages students to contribute to - and participate in - the rich musical community of the Omaha area through solo and group performances, masterclasses, and educational workshops.

The Conservatory’s Tenth Anniversary is a time to celebrate the excellence of its faculty, and the thousands of former - and future - students whose OCM experience helped – and will help - shape their future.

You can help the Omaha Conservatory of Music lay the groundwork for its second decade of service by making a gift today. Your tax-deductible contribution will help support OCM’s many programs and extend music’s power to inspire and to invigorate many of Omaha’s previously underserved communities.