FAQ • Named Scholarships

Here are some frequently asked questions about Omaha Conservatory of Music named scholarships. 

How can I establish a named scholarship?

A named scholarship at Omaha Conservatory of Music for one year is established with a contribution of $2,500 and maintained by an annual contribution in that amount. This sum is distributed among two to three students based on merit; each is designated a (Name) Scholar. 

How are recipients chosen?

An awards committee, chaired by the Conservatory's Executive Director, Ruth Meints, is convened every June. Members of the committee include artist-teachers experienced in the scholarship determination process, and OCM Board members. 

The committee reviews essays written by scholarship applicants, hears their auditions, and interviews them. A group is then chosen to receive needs-based scholarship awards. Selected members of this group are then awarded additional merit awards, and are designated as Named Scholars.

How are named scholarship donors recognized?

The biography of the individual(s) — or history of the organization for which the Scholarship is named is published in each awards program. The named scholarship and the names of the donors and recipients also appear in all Conservatory programs and publications.

To express their gratitude, recipients of Named Scholarships will be available to perform a private recital for the donor and guests so that the recipients may express their gratitude, and the inspiring results of the donor’s generosity may be experienced first-hand. 

Are there named scholarship alternatives?

Yes. You can establish a named scholarship for longer than a year, but less than forever. 

Can named scholarship donors ask that recipients have certain qualifications?

The Conservatory will take into consideration a donor’s wishes regarding the talents, qualifications and interests of recipients. 

As named scholarships are awarded on a merit basis, it cannot be guaranteed that the most deserving students will have those qualifications. What can be guaranteed in each recipient are outstanding, demonstrated personal and artistic qualities that make that student a highly qualified recipient.

Whom should I contact for more information?

Call Ruth Meints, Executive Director, at (402) 932-4978. Ruth will answer any questions you may have and set up a meeting with an Conservatory board member and/or Named Scholarship donor for further discussion.